New flat shape. All colours including White. Individual and collective control, timer, dimmable and many more.
Easybulb PLUS ROUND top-menu.jpg
Round bulb shape. All colours including White. Individual and collective control, timer, dimmable...
easybulb GU10 spotlights. Control your lights individually and many more...
easybulb E14 are smaller Edison screw bulbs. Fully packed smart bulb. 
Redesign the looks of your home, kitchen office and business places with the Easybulb Plus LED Strips.
WiFi Box
All you need is one of these to control all your Easybulb smart lights with your phone
easybulb Remote
If you decide not use your smartphone the manual remotes are handy
easybulb Downlights can lasts for 25 years and can be controlled with your smartphone
Easybulb Plus White
Easybulb Plus Dual White gives both cool white and warm white light variations.
Socket Adapters
Easybulb Socket Adapters.
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EasyBulb are the smartest iphone smart lights that can also be controlled with tablets, ipod, wifi remote control or any other android devices with wifi connectivity. EasyBulb is easy to install light controlled by iphone, you can easily switch it on before entering the dark room or you can also switch it off with your iphone if you have stepped out of your home. You can also use these iphone control lights to change colors for a party mood or to match the ambience of your room. The dim control function can significantly be used to serve as a night lamp in children’s room as well as for late night assignments.

The entire range of the light control with iphone is readily available to add much more convenience and money saving option to your life. After installation, you simply need to download free application to your ipad, iphone, tablet, or other android devices to operate it as desired. You can select the most appropriate commercial or home lighting control to match your purpose and pocket.

EasyBulb RGBW
EasyBulb RGBW is an iphone lighting control with dim control option and 16 Million varied colors. With your iphone light control application, you can select the shade to be light blue to set romance in the bedroom or you can set it to light up your kid’s room in green to keep them happy and frolic. This innovative lighting option also has 20 modes to be selected according to the moods of party, tough day at work or peaceful night.

EasyBulb White
This too is a wifi light bulb to be used to light up your living room, dining room or kitchen area with options of cool and warm lights. Such bulbs are ideal for locations where simple but continuous light is required. EasyBulb White also allows you to control lights from iphone with dimming options.

Wifi Box
Wifi box is a device that can be used to wirelessly connect all EasyBulbs of the home or your work place.

EasyBulb Remote
If you do not want to control lights from iphone, the EasyBulb remote can be used. Remote light control works exactly like the iphone application to perform all the functions like switch on, off, dim, mode, and color selection.

Socket Adapter
Quality socket adapters are also available to perfectly fit your iphone light control if you do not already have E27 or B22 lamps.

EasyBulb Downlights
These can again be controlled by iphones for superbly focused lighting solutions.
All bulbs are energy efficient to consume only 6 watts and last up to 25 years with minimum carbon footprint. Light up your home or work place smartly with smart EasyBulb to save huge on electricity bills and frequent bulb changes.