Know More about Smartphone Controlled Lights


The recent lighting industry is a buzz with the release of Easybulb- the cutting edge smartphone controlled light. Yes, you would be able to control lights with iPhone, iPod, iPad, Android tablet and phone via the Wi-Fi technology. Easybulb is claimed to be an incredibly energy efficient, smart LED light bulb which would of great help for every home owner. The cutting edge iPhone controlled lights have been designed to consume 6 watt only which is much lesser in comparison to your usual lighting solutions and hence Easybulb installation would surely help you to cut down a lot on your energy bills.

Don’t worry about the durability factor because these energy saving lights can survive up to as much as 25 years. Besides, the latest LED light does not involve any complicated installation- the homeowners would be able to fix it themselves only.  It’s to stress here that these iPhone monitored lights enable the users to pick from a versatile range of colours. Yes you will have the option to pick up your preferred lighting shade from a broad spread of more than 255 hues. Then, the new LED light can even be customized to your preferred occasion and mood. For example if you are looking for a soft ambience easybulb can be dimmed to that status while it can also become all bright and vibrant when you have a party at home.

The good news is that people from any nation would be able to install and enjoy the benefits of the new iPhone controlled LED light bulb. You can visit for any further information on these Easybulbs.