Easybulb - Light Bulb Reinvented


easybulb is an incredibly smart, energy efficient, multicolour LED lightbulb that can be controlled by your smartphone

This innovative LED lighting system is the very latest in Lighting technology This bulb will work with any compatible light fitting and will revolutionise how you light your house or commercial area. What makes the easybulb so innovative is it's ability to be controlled by either the supplied remote control, or more comprehensively via the free iPhone and Android App.



With a quick and free App download from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, the easybulb allows the iPhone and Android device to control numerous lights across the house. You simply slot the supplied Bulb into a normal lighting socket and you synchronise the App with the light using the Wi-Fi receiver. Once this is quickly achieved you then have full control of the light. You can dim or increase the brightness of the bulb with a simple swipe on your iphone. You can also change quickly change the colour of the bulb to create the right mood for your home. The lamp can also be operated by the normal switch. Using the App or the remote, the user can control individual lights or multiple lights with ease.

The bulb can last for 25 years/50,000 hours. We also offer a 2-year warranty on this product. Using LED technology allows for a lower consumption rating and this will reduce the amount of energy consumed and therefore a reduction in your bill. Available in the 2 most common fittings; bayonet & screw; makes the easybulb compatible with most lights in your house.