Easybulb.com Offers iPhone Controlled energy efficient LED Light that Lasts 25 years


Gigateq has come up with a new innovative energy efficient LED light that could be controlled by iPhone & Smartphone devices called Easybulb. The light will last for up till 25 years

The home owners trying hard to save on their energy system have some amazing news to rejoice this time - New innovative LED lights controlled by iPhone are designed to bring huge energy savings than conventional light systems.

A good range of such lights has been manufactured and distributed by premier UK electronics store Gigateq Limited. The new lights offered online at Easybulb.com is assured to last till 25 years.

“It’s great to declare that lately we have come up with a multicolour and hugely energy efficient iPhone controlled LED light that can pass on pounds of savings for you as it’s just 6 watts. It’s long lasting as well and is equipped to go in full brightness for up till 25 years-rated 50 thousand hours. The light is controlled via Wi-Fi technology”, said the spokesperson from Gigateq.

”Apart from iPhone, the light would also be controlled by other Apple devices and Android systems”, he added.

The iPhone monitored LED Easybulb is incredibly smart and the users will get to pick from as many as 255 shades or more. The light can be also adjusted to bring up light effects matching up to the tone of user’s room. Easybulb users are even permitted to turn the iPhone monitored light in party mode.

“The iPhone users would be glad to know that with our new innovative light they can dim it to their preferred taste. The interesting part is that we have designed the light with a beneficial memory function and hence your light will resume with previous setting the moment you repower it again- it means you will be saved from adjusting it to your desired settings again and again”, the spokesperson added further.

The light could be used in any country and involves a simple installation procedure that could be performed without any help from electricians.

To know in detail about the iPhone controlled Easybulb, visit https://shop.easybulb.com/