New Easybulb App Now on Apple App Store - Android Version Coming Soon

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We are very pleased to inform all our loyal and waiting customers and product users that the new Easybulb App is now released to Apple App Store.

We had been looking forward to this day. Last night the new Easybulb App was reviewed and published on the Apple App Store and it is free to download. The Android version of the Easybulb APP should be ready in less than 15 days time.

The App is simply called Easybulb and can be downloaded by searching the word easybulb on the Apple App Store using iPhone, iPads and iPod Touch.

Easybulb New App

Easybulb App image

The new Easybulb App has great  features added to it as mentioned below:

  • All colours including white light
  • iPhone and Android App
  • Voice Control
  • Control lights away from home and any location around the globe
  • Save-As-You-Dim Technology
  • Control individual lights or in a Group much easily
  • Set timer for each light to turn on and off
  • Dim your lights to match your mood
  • Sleep Mode
  • WPA2 Security, given a user sole authorization to the lights
  • Proximity control, light knows when the user is around or close to doorstep
  • Has memory function to resume previous settings
  • Message Notification
  • Music Sync
  • Open API
  • And Many Moreā€¦


If you are still on the Old App you can use the Easybulb App in 2 ways.

1. Simply download the App, open it up and follow the instructions. Do not try to sync the bulbs again as the configuration will be copied from the old App.


2. Simply delete the old App, reset wifi box and start from fresh.


Price Change

We want to announce that the price of the products will go up slightly in the coming days. We have to do this to cover the cost for the new APP.

Website Change

Now that the easybulb App is ready we will be changing the looks of the website The website will feature a video section, support, API and other relevant pages. We will also be launching a new shop for easy purchases.

API Publication

A new API is fully ready. When the new website is launched there will be a section where the API will be published. The API will be open to everyone.

Demo Area on Website

A Demo area is also ready and a link to it will be available on the new website. The Demo area can be used to quickly see what the Easybulb products can be used for. It will feature a virtual light bulb which you can control with your phone via your own network at home or the office, right there on your laptop or PC.


We have a range of products that uses the Easybulb new App. Head straight to to see how you can change the lighting of your home and business using the Easybulb products.


We also have a new product called the Easybulb Plus. The Easybulb Plus will be out online soon. It is a new 9W RGBW or White light bulb with a new futuristic shape and can come in many cosmetic colours to match your project, home or businesses.

We can assure our customers that there is a whole lot more to come. Thank you for your patience and we hope you will enjoy the new Easybulb APP.

We hope to release the Android version in less than 15 days time. For now, Android users need to stick to the old APP.

Thank you very much.