Easybulb New App Coming Soon in November

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We are pleased to announce the upcoming release of the new Easybulb App sometime in November this year. The new App will be called Easybulb Plus. However, it will be downloadable from the Apple App store and Google Play using the word Easybulb only.

The new App will feature a better designed app, more features and functions and an intuitive navigation. 

The new App will make controlling your light bulbs, using your mobile phone or tablets, easier than ever.

We are very close to completing the App and testing it. We are at present at the Beta testing stage for the iOS, which has been very successful.

Easybulb new App

Below are some of the features that will be present with the new App;

  • All colours including white light
  • iPhone and Android App
  • Voice Control
  • Control lights away from home and any location around the globe
  • Save-As-You-Dim Technology
  • Control individual lights or in a Group much easily
  • Set timer for each light to turn on and off
  • Dim your lights to match your mood
  • Sleep Mode
  • WPA2 Security, given a user sole authorization to the lights
  • Proximity control, light knows when the user is around or close to doorstep
  • Has memory function to resume previous settings
  • Message Notification
  • Music Sync
  • Open API
  • And Many More…

The new Easybulb App will be backward compatible. This means that it can be used to control the bulbs and Wifi boxes we have been selling to our customers.

A lot of our customers have complained about the old App not functioning very well in terms of controlling lights when away from home. The new App will end this. We have created a faster App that will make that problem a history.

We have also created a new API which will be released on the same day.

We intend to inform all our present and past buyers about the new App when it is formally released in App Store and Google Play.

We welcome any questions you will want to ask.