Full Control of Your Lights at Your Finger Tips

Easybulb™ is smart, energy-efficient, multicolour lights, which is all controlled by your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android phones and tablets. Here are some of the features  you’re sure to love:


  • All colours including white light
  • iPhone and Android App
  • Voice Control
  • Control lights away from home and any location around the globe
  • Control individual lights or in a Group
  • Set timer for each light to turn on and off
  • Save energy – 9Watts LED bulb and 25 years Lifespan
  • Save-As-You-Dim Technology
  • Dim your lights to match your mood
  • Sleep Mode
  • WPA2 Security, given a user sole authorization to the lights
  • Has memory function to resume previous settings
  • Calls and Message Notification
  • Music Sync
  • Open API
  • Use the Easybulb physical remote without the need for Wifi box
  • And Many More…
Installation is easy Simply unplug your old bulb and plugin the easybulb
use your phone to turn on the light or a group of lights
Dim, Change Colour or match your mood or occasion

See What The easybulb Users Are Saying

Great Bulb!
Great bulb use straight off my phone and can have any colour I want! this has to be the future of lighting! Easy to install as well.
Rex Beckett 
A quick and easy way to add remote controlled lighting and energy efficiency!

This is a very impressive lamp. The light output, measured 1 metre below the lamp, is only just less than that of an 11 Watt Compact Fluorescent and a 42W Energy Saving Halogen. That's pretty good for a 6 Watt lamp. I measured the colour range (CCT) as 2700 (Warm) to 5000 (cool) degrees which should be quite sufficient for most normal lighting.

The remote control capabilities are really good. Without any wiring changes you can have on/off, dimming and colour control of up to four groups of lamps from a single low-cost remote. With the addition of a WiFi Bridge, you can control the lamps from an iGadget or Android device. 

Ian Anderson 
Perfect for the iDevice and Android user!
This WiFi Bridge unit allows you to use an iDevice or Android unit to give you the same on/off, dimming and colour controls as the normal remote does. This will undoubtedly appeal to the many people who like to control their whole world from a single pocket-sized device.

My interest is in adding easybulb control to my existing home-automation system. The WiFi bridge has made that possible. 

Leanne Reid

Welcome To Scintillating Future  - Easybulb

While some people may still be remiss enough to switch on the lights while entering a dark room, our Easybulb lights are smart to allow them to control room lights merely with the touch of a button.

The revolutionary Easybulb is a Wi-Fi light bulb with iPhone lighting control. You can either switch it on, off, change color or even dim using your iPhone, ipad, iPod, tablet, or any other Android device through Wi-Fi technology. When everything, right from mobile phones to microwaves, fridge, televisions and many other electronic devices are turning smart, why not bulbs? If you have not yet experienced the magnificent benefits of light controlled by iPhone, learn about it here to get completely drawn with immediate yearn to own it.

Easybulb uses LED technology to provide energy efficient lighting solutions for:

• Homes
• Shops
• Restaurants
• Offices
• Hospitals
• Studios
• Schools and institutions
• Outdoor signages
• Djs and many arenas

Easybulb comes with a Wi-Fi remote control and it can also be conveniently used to be operated through regular switches or other Wi-Fi devices. With Easybulb you can have complete home lighting control right in your pocket. After installing the Easybulb as regular bulbs or CFLs, you just have to download a free application to your smart phone and you are ready to control lights with iPhone. You may change the color to set an appropriate mood and to match the room décor or you can also use it to delightfully light up children’s bedroom.

The dim control options can be used to dim the bed side lamp when you need to complete a presentation at night without disturbing your partner’s sleep and when you too are ready to sleep Easybulb can further be dimmed to serve as a night lamp.

Salient Features of Easybulb

Apart from just being an iPhone controlled lamp, Easybulb also has the following unique features to fit as the most preferred lighting option:

• Consumes only 6 watts
• Long life of 25 years or 50,000 hours
• LED technology means lesser carbon footprints
• Has 255 colors to be selected with 20 party modes
• Saves high on electricity bills
• Easy installation without any need of electrician
• Simple to operate
• Also has memory function to store your favorite settings
• Cost effective

The versatile Easybulb with wireless lighting control is the next generation lighting solution that not only allows you to control lights from iPhone or Android device, but it also saves huge money and hassles. With this Wi-Fi LED light bulb, you are sure to never face precarious darkness in your bedroom, garage, kitchen, or in kids’ bedroom. Easybulb is all designed to make life and lighting easier than ever before. Embrace the illuminating future of lighting.