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4 Easybulb RGBW 9W LED Light Bulb + WIFI Box + Remote Control

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    The easybulb RGBW 8 Watts Light bulb is our brightest yet. With over 820 Lumens it is capable of producing even more brightness than the 60 Watts traditional incandescent bulb. it will give you the satisfaction of having very bright coloured lights and changeable white light all-in-one. easybulb RGBW will give you all colours including white. Easybulb is dimmable, colour changeable and has sequence modes. No extra wiring installation. Simple and convenient. With LED technology the power consumption is 20% of the traditional incandescent lamp. The lifespan of LED bulbs is over 10 times longer than that of fluorescent lamps.

    To control easybulb smartlights with your mobile device you will need a Wifi Box. A single Wifi box can be used to control as many bulbs as possible. Note that images are for illustrations only.



    Change the colours of your lights using your smartphone

    • All colours including warm and cool white light
    • 16 Million Colours
    • iPhone and Android App
    • Control lights away from home and any location around the globe
    • Save-As-You-Dim Technology
    • Control individual lights or in a Group much easily
    • Set timer for each light to turn on and off
    • Dim your lights to match your mood
    • Sleep Mode
    • WPA2 Security, given a user sole authorization to the lights
    • Has memory function to resume previous settings
    • Open API
    • And Many More…



     Change The Way You Light Your Home


    • Change the way you light your home
    • All colours including proper changeable white light
    • Individual bulb contol with App or Remote
    • Save money on electricity bill
    • Lasts up to 25 years - rated 50,000 hours
    • Can be used in every country supports 86 Volts -264 Volts



    Easy to Install

    • No need for electricians
    • As simple as removing your old bulb and installing Easybulb
    • B22, E27 and E26 available. Also can be used with adapters



    Can be used commercially

    • Easybulb can be used in offices and most businesses
    • Used by photographers
    • Restaurants
    • Clinical use
    • Schools and Education
    • Used in making Signages
    • Factories and companies
    • And many more...

    Easybulb App on Your Device

    • Easy to download app
    • Donwload from Google Play Store
    • Download from Apple App Store
    • Use with iPad, iPhones and iPod Touch
    • Works on all Android phones and tablets



    Technical Details

    • Colour changing LED Lights
    • Controllable with iPhone, iPads, iPod Touch, Android phones and tablets
    • Brightness adjusting: 100%-1%
    • Remote distance(2.4G): at least 20 meters, with penetrating power.
    • Stylish design, easy operation
    • Energy-saving, environment-friendly, recyclable. Accordance with FCC, CE and ROHS
    • Input Voltage: 86-265V
    • Frequency: 50-60Hz
    • LED Power: 7.5W
    • Rated Power: 8W
    • Luminous Flux: 820 Lumens
    • Average Light Effect:100LM/W
    • Lifespan: 50000 Hours / 25 Years
    • PF: 0.65
    • Lamp Base: B22 Bayonet and E27 Options available
    • Max Diameter: 60mm
    • Max Length: 123mm
    • Net Weight/Bulb: 140g




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    1. Great Product

      Well made, good app, excellent control. A simple (written) installation guide would help but other than that they are recommended. on 24th Feb 2016

    2. Great product!

      Operate perfectly! Association with remote control and with Wifi box is easy. Colors are very nice and Android apps work fine. on 11th Jan 2016

    3. Great so far, but...

      ...missing a valuable feature.
      The build quality of the bulbs are fantastic. Very impressed. Works quite well over mobile network too albeit a little slower; to be expected, of course.
      The missing feature is the ability to use a bulb as a sunrise alarm.
      The night-time dimming feature known as 'sleep' is perfect. A sunrise feature would only compliment this! So please add it if you can!
      on 9th Mar 2015

    4. great product but needs better software

      love the bulbs and the price is not 2 bad even if the wife was like how much for 4 bulbs but now that we have them she also loves them when they work its great but sometimes the need a reset not that its hard to do switch off and re sync easy to do seem to be more glitch y on android but the product its self is great the light are very bright you cant see the difference from my old bulbs in brightness apart form these do far more the app for the phone need some work ie there is now way to tell if when your out of the house if the bulbs are on or not or what color they are so they need to sort that need work i have bought cheap one before these ones and they were very dull in compassion the remote its self works ever time so no problems there works great great product just need a better app and i am sure they will only get better and improve for me well worth the money i have paid and will be buying more set timer for half 6 time to get up for work came on first time and off at 7 so its a 10 out of 10 for the product and a 7 for the app on 10th Feb 2015

    5. Products are good software pretty appaling

      The led lights and wifi controller were easy to setup and no hazzle with them. Everything worked out of the box. The milight app should have some automation /scheduling capabilities also as for now I don't even mind to use it as everything it does can be done easier with the remote controller. The firmware for the wifi controller box should also be updated to more home automation focused. For now the whole package is just a nice curiosity and it doesn't use the full potent of product. I don't think that I'm going to buy more of these as Hue is far more sophisticated and has so many useful features compared to this. on 9th Dec 2013

    6. Excellent value and very funky

      We've got 8 Easybulb 9W RGBW bulbs up and running in our lounge - 2 sets of ceiling lights (of 2 bulbs each), one set of 3 wall lights, and one standard lamp - each set of lights running on its own channel, so we are using all 4 available channels. What we really like is the ease of use (both via the remote control and via the iPhone/iPad app), and the scope for tweakage of the lights. Set-up was fairly straightforward; the only real issue we had was that I had to do a factory reset on the wi-fi box before the wi-fi box would work properly.

      We'd originally considered the Philips Hue system - which, while more advanced than the EasyBulb in terms of the number of colours that the bulb can reproduce, and the features available on the app - was a lot more expensive than EasyBulb - as well as being out of stock pretty much everywhere - whereas we received our EasyBulb order a couple of days after placing it - and that was with free delivery too! So, for the equivalent of what we'd have paid for Philips Hue for just 3 bulbs, we've got 8 EasyBulbs!

      Control via the app or the remote control box is reasonably intuitive; if you press the "on" button for a particular channel, then subsequent operations (e.g. dimming, changing the colour, switching to party mode) will apply to bulbs on that channel only - which is good, as it means you can adjust the settings of the bulbs on a given channel independently of those on other channels. However, if you do want to change the settings of all bulbs on all channels at the same time, you can press the master "on" button - as all subsequent operations will then apply to all bulbs if you do that.

      As to what could have been done better... well, the choice of colours in RGB mode is limited to fairly "saturated" colours - and you can't have both white and RGB LEDs on at once within the same bulb. So it would have made a lot more sense if the control software were able to specify a range of brightness values for all 4 LED choices (R, G, B and W) independently of each other - this would then have brought the capability of the EasyBulb into the same league (if not better) than the Philips Hue, for example - as you'd be able to specify something like, say, R = 25% brightness, G = 30% brightness, B = 38% brightness, W = 62% brightness, for example - which would allow a much wider range of colours to be created than the current software allows.

      Another thing that I'd find incredibly useful is a Java API for sending commands to the EasyBulb wi-fi interface - so as to be able to control the bulbs from a Java program, rather than just via the smartphone app. So saying, however, if it's possible to decipher the UDP network commands sent from the app to the wi-fi box, then I could always write my own and open-source it on GitHub or wherever...
      on 7th Dec 2013

    7. Great!!!

      Shipped as said on checkout. Tracked it in every step (shippment in Greece) with royal mail. Great product. Installed in 5 minutes both remote and iphone and used it instantly.
      If you want light automation inside and outside home or office this is the product.

      I'm opening the light before entering the door. Left light open yesterday and closed it from 3g. Checked it from ip cam and the lights went off instantly. This has multiple applications in my opinion in every industry.

      I think an api for app development and a response from the bulb if it is on or off (to check if you left the light open) would be great.

      Also great response from the guys at Responded in 2 mails about information. Thank you!
      on 3rd Dec 2013

    8. Could be bit better

      I did recommend this to a friend, but i'm not fully satisfied.

      Colour changing
      Intensity adjustable
      WIFI works great and connects to home router A+

      No red colour - there is a transition between purple and orange but no real red!!! That was the reason I got the bulbs, in order to have red for daughters night sleep, not really RGB but something else
      White not as strong as 8w philips led! Thou still not bad. White and colour must be 9w together. Should be specified more clearly.
      Can not mix white and colour
      Intensity of colour light only fraction compared to white
      Milight user interface could be better, there is no indication to tell which bulb is selected. Looking forward to the update.
      on 25th Nov 2013

    9. illuminate you home

      set is pretty nice.
      At first I struggled with the instructions - maybe they can be improved with a precise step-by-step guide.
      Overall: control bulbs with the app works like a charm.
      on 25th Nov 2013

    10. Idiot proof

      These bulbs are sweet I had the 4 bulb RGBW 9w with wifi box and remote, no fancy setup pretty much plug and play and no setup for controlling them outside the house over mobile data they just work!
      on 1st Nov 2013

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